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Henger Enterprises prides itself on quality work and an ability to work not only with the individual, but also with their family. The Services that are provided are based in a multi-faceted approach, that includes a cognitive-behavioral approach and relapse prevention therapy. Henger Enterprises utilizes and educational model to promote safe living in the community, recognizing the importance of boundaries within societal norms. Their model will teach specific strategies or techniques to enable individuals to: identify for themselves the specific thoughts that support their criminal behavior, see and appreciate the pattern and consequences of their thinking, utilize reasoning and problem solving, self-talk, social interactions skills as a means of controlling and changing their thinking, and recognizing that they have choices and can make a conscious decision to change or not to change.


Henger Enterprises has been working with clients since 1994 in all of the counties of Southeastern Wisconsin and now branching into Northern Wisconsin. These regions are the most culturally diverse and populated regions of Wisconsin. These areas have also presented the most diverse crimes in Wisconsin, giving Henger Enterprises the experience to help manage any problematic situation or case that may arise. Henger Enterprises multi-disciplinary approach implements strategies that depend on agency coordination and partnerships. It ensures that the client will not be a "one size fits all" case and will be treated based on their risk, needs, and motivation to change.

Our staff is well-rounded with specialties including the management of sexual abuse issues to anger management problems. Our therapists are not afraid to approach and challenge deviant sexual interests and those who struggle with them. Our focus is on the client’s successful rehabilitation with skills in behavioral management. This philosophy is reflected in our low recidivism rates among our client population.

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